I have so many things I want to blog about today.

Some are fun.  Some are heartfelt.  Random.  Helpful.  And there are lots and lots of recipes waiting in the wings.

But, I’m tired.

I have lots to do that involve good working brain activity.

But the brain isn’t in top form today.

Then, while sending a message to a friend, I decided to share this with you  …

I posted this picture yesterday …

And I just can’t stop looking at it.

It has always been a favorite of mine.


Well, since I took it.  …  Of course.  …  But you knew that.

Oh.  Sorry.  See what I mean about the brain?!

I love the lighting – Taken from the darkness of the tunnel and seeing the light spill in from the end.  The way it lights parts of the ridges of the pipe and cast shadows on other parts.

I love the shapes of this tunnel-tube-thingy.

I love the way our Bug is in the light contrasted to Texas Guy who is almost a silhouette.

I love the way Bug’s hip is cocked to one side.  (The kid has got extra joints.)

Or … maybe it has something to do with Texas Guy’s hat.

That hat, when it’s on his head, does something for me.

Or … maybe it’s the view from the back that I always love to see.

It makes me want to kiss the person that invented Wranglers.

Or … maybe it’s the way the camera caught his walk.

There’s something about the walk.  …  Mmm mmm mmm, love to watch the walk.


This is what happens when the brain wants to take a veg-out kind of day and I insist that it gets back to work.

You go on ahead.

I’m gonna have another look.

Have a great Friday!