The mornings are cooler now.

Actually, they’re chilly.  (YAY!!)

It’s the perfect weather for hot cereal in the morning for breakfast.  (yummm)

I love hot cereal … but, I won’t run off on a tangent about that today.

I was making my Cream of Wheat.  I had poured the dry cereal into the warm water and milk and stirred it all in so it was nice and smooth.

Then I poured four little piles into the pot, spooned a little of the liquid over the top, and let it sit.

I had made sure I mixed the cereal so it was smooth  …  and then I added lumps  …  on purpose.

When I was a child, my mother usually made our breakfasts.

But, sometimes my dad made breakfast.

When my hot cereal, that was supposed to be creamy, had lumps in it, I knew Dad had made our breakfast that morning.

I don’t know how often Dad made breakfast.  I think it was usually my mom who did.  …  I’m not a morning person.  If something happens before 10am, I’m not likely to be completely coherent.

And I don’t know if he always served lumps in his hot cereal or if sometimes it came out lump-free.

But, as a child, I thought the lumps were fun  …  different  …  the special way Dad made hot cereal.

Later, when I was an adult, I mentioned to my mom how much I liked the way Dad put lumps in the cereal, she told me it was just because he didn’t stir it well enough when he added the cereal.  …  Hahaha!!  That entire time I thought it was his special way of making it.  I thought he had done it on purpose.  …  And I couldn’t figure out how he had done it.  Mine never came out lumpy.  …  Now I know how.  I do it on purpose.

I love lumps in my cereal!

I also know how to make a perfectly smooth bowl of hot cereal, thanks to my mom!

So, mommas  …  does your husband make lumpy cereal instead of nice and smooth like you do?

And by “lumpy cereal” I mean all those things he does with your children differently than you would.

Don’t sweat it and don’t stress him over it if his “lumpy cereal” will not affect the important things in anyone’s life.  If it won’t detract from your efforts to take good care of your child’s health, interfere with a good night’s sleep, alter the good morals and values you are trying to instill, or affect your child’s ability to learn.  …  You get the picture.   …  If you sweat these things, you might miss all the wonderful blessings hidden in his “lumpy cereal” …

So, dads  …  Do you make “lumpy cereal”?

I know you’re busy.  I know you work hard and that’s what you do for your children.  But, try to find small cracks of time to make breakfast.  Whatever type of breakfast you’re able to make, whenever you can – on your day off or on weekdays before you leave.  Or pack school lunches.  If the timing works out brush teeth with the kids, or race to see who is dressed and ready for the day first.  Sneak out Saturday morning to the park or for a walk.

You can do it!  Something small, simple, like hot cereal for breakfast.  To your kids, it is fun, different from their usual day, special … and it’s hands-on, it’s something tangible that they notice, at any age.

And, as if that’s not enough, not much will melt your wife’s heart faster than watching her husband care for, interact with, their children.  Just when we thought we couldn’t love you more than we already do.  And, it gives your wife a small break.  Mommas need a break so desperately sometimes.  That you would do that for her is oh so very sexy.

See what I mean?!

Don’t miss all the hidden blessings in a simple bowl of lumpy cereal!