I just came across these pics I meant to blog about over a week ago!

Such is my busy life.  …  Here goes …

There are lots of things I love about life in a small town, life in this small town, and the location of our home in this small town.

They are, for the most part, all things that I discovered after moving here.  Surprises for this city girl.

As the girls and I walked home from school on Friday, part of the high school band drove by riding on flat trailer towed by a truck.  We heard the music as they played and waved to them.  (My oldest two children were school band members and so the school band is always exciting for us.  We love it!)

That’s when I realized that because it was Homecoming, the band, as well as the football team, the cheerleaders, and much of the town was headed to the courthouse square for the annual Homecoming Pep Rally.

I had forgotten that they do that here.  I think last year I read it in the newspaper.  I must have missed it this time.  And so, because we were walking, we felt we probably wouldn’t make it in time.

We were all disappointed.

We continued home and just as we arrived, we heard sirens and saw the football players and cheerleaders riding atop two fire trucks on their way to the courthouse square.

I just love that they do that.  That they have the pep rally at the courthouse square.  That they bring it out to the entire town, not just keep it on the school grounds.  That they travel with band playing and the sirens going.  So everyone nearby can hear.

So, sorry to be missing the pep rally, we realized that the band and football players would still have to come back past our house afterwards.

The girls waited outside for about a half an hour to make sure they didn’t miss them.

And, when they drove back past our home, we waved and shouted and cheered.

And the high school kids here are so fantastic.

The waved right back!

The girls were bursting with excitement!

It was like their own little parade.