I’d like to say that because it’s Monday morning, my brain is working in random thought mode.

Or, I’d like to say that it’s because I had two kids throwing up last night and I’m sleep deprived.

But, truth be told, it’s oftentimes just the way my brain works.

But … wait … don’t leave … stay with me … your Monday morning brain might enjoy this.

And if not, tomorrow might be better.

First …

I must tell you again how very much I appreciate the brilliance of the gDiapers I use for the newest baby!!

(Look at those tiny newborn legs.)

That the diapers are flushed, and gone from my home forever  …  that they are not collected inside my home in some stinky diaper-collector-container  …  that I am not wrapping them in plastic that I would not normally be purchasing or using to go sit on our planet somewhere  …  that I am not adding incredible amounts of diapers to our planet every single day … …  all glorious reasons why I appreciate the brilliance of the gDiapers!!

And this morning  …  especially  …  because it has been flushed and gone from my home forever!!!

Second …

I really really reeeaally want to lie in bed all (read: aaaaaaall) day and watch BBC shows like As Time Goes By, Rosemary & Thyme, Ballykissangel, Changing Rooms, Cash In The Attic, How Clean Is Your House, You Are What You Eat.  I really like to watch BBC.

Third …

And not so random, because it relates to my previous item  …  I haven’t had TV service of any kind for a couple of years.  We do get DVD’s from our library or Netflix.  And if we really want, we can watch shows and movies online.  But, here’s what I miss watching the most … PBS, BBC, and HGTV shows.  …  I wonder if I would not be a typical TV viewer.  …  I’m OK with who I am.

Fourth …

I made a delicious cake last night!   …   Well, I made a number of delicious things yesterday.  All of which I will be sharing with you – Yum!!  …  But, I hope to post about the cake a little later today.

Here’s a peek …