My last post was a week ago!

There’s some stomach bug sort of thing going around.

It hit our Bug about 2 weeks ago.

A week later Sweet Pea and the baby had it.

That was a week ago.

It hit Sunday night.  I took care of them through Monday.

The day of my last post.

Because I woke up with it Tuesday.

So, Tuesday morning, feeling yucky, I put my black yoga pants on, got as much housework done as I could, until it knocked me down.

I then wore my yoga pants all day.

Slept in them that night.

And wore them the next day.

I was very very sick.

(I’m still trying to recover.)

By Wednesday evening, I took the dog out to the yard and thought over my current condition … or appearance rather  …  while I waited for the dog.

And I began to wonder …

Is it wrong that I wore my yoga pants for 2 entire days but didn’t do 2 minutes of yoga?