We have a very well-behaved and incredibly intelligent dog.

We can go outside with him and he doesn’t leave the property.

He usually listens very well and hardly ever gets into trouble.

Until recently.

He left a few times  …  running out the door when the girls leave for school or jumping the fence.  Stuff like that.

He like to take off first thing in the morning.

He always returns at about 9:30 am.

Until one time …

When about 9:30 the following morning we found out the dog catcher had him.

(BTW, we have the coolest dog catcher on the planet.)

Apparently, he goes around the girls’ elementary school.

What he does over there or who he’s looking for, I don’t know.

He has walked with me in the past to take them to school or pick them up.

But it could be another dog, or some other reason why he’s in that area.

We don’t know.

What we do know is that his outdoor time is restricted and supervised until Texas Guy comes up with Plan B.


Are we going outside?!



... Are we?



Pleeeaase ... can we go outside?



Darn. She's playing with that camera again.



Still waiting for her to stop playing with tha camera. I hope we're going outside.



I just want to go outside.