This is Nana and Papa.

(We all love Nana and Papa.  Don’t let that look on the baby’s face fool you.  She always looks stoic and nonplussed.  It must be something she got from her daddy.)

Nana and Papa are not genetically related to us.

They are those people who come into our lives that we adore so much we just must keep them  …  but they enjoy the benefit of resting easy knowing they are not from the same gene pool as us.  …  It must give people a wonderful peace of mind.

We met Nana and Papa shortly after we moved here.

We went to a new church  …  well, everything here was new for us at the time.

Anyway, we met them at church.

They are beautiful, and that immediately draws your eye.

Until you realize it is their beauty within shining through them that makes them so amazing.

Since our first meeting, we have grown more and more attached to them.

We’re keeping them.


And try as they may, they will never get rid of us.

Poor Nana and Papa.

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