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Nana is strikingly beautiful.

It’s the first thing that I noticed about her.

I hope to have hair like hers when I grow up.

(I don’t know what the odds are of that … but a girl can dream.)

I’d also love to have skin like hers.

She has better skin than I do.  …  I think I’ll hang my hopes on the hair.

She also has a wonderful sense of style and color.

I wish she would come over to my house every morning and dress me.

I think I’d better stick to hopes for the hair.

I don’t love Nana just for her beauty  …  that I just marvel at and enjoy.

We all love Nana for the way she lingers with us on Sundays.


On Sundays, Nana always seems to get in some baby time with our littlest one.

One Sunday, on the way home from church, the girls were all in the backseat of the truck when they told us that the baby “smells like Nana!”.

She did!

We love to spend Sundays after church, smelling the baby.

She smells like Nana.

What?  Does that seems weird?

Hmmm  ….  We’re ok with that.

But it’s the woman that she is, the person on the inside, that makes Nana’s beauty really glow.

When I see Nana, or think of her, one word comes to mind …


So I looked up the definitions of “grace” and many of them fit her perfectly.

Grace …

… seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion

… a characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement

… a disposition to be generous or helpful; goodwill

… a disposition to kindness and compassion

That’s Nana.

Nana and Papa ~ Part 3