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Papa is a tall drink of water, that one.

He’s tall, and graceful in movement.

He’s a musician.

And a singer.

Nana must know a good thing when she sees it.

Nana is smart, that one.

But, what we really love about Papa is this …

Somewhere during the short time that we have known him, Papa has become protective of us.

He wants to be sure that we drive safely and cautiously and that we get enough rest and take care of ourselves and each other.

Is that a papa thing?

And there’s something else about Papa …

Every morning, Papa pulls up to our house in his “ride”.

He climbs out, unfolding those long legs of his, his cowboy boots on the gravel.

And walks up to the porch, his cowboy hat, the crowning glory, high (high) atop his head.

He meets the girls with a smile and greets them with a “Good morning, baby.” and a comment about the weather or their outfits for the day.

Then he opens the door for them, piles them into his “ride”, and carries them off to school.

The girls get to start every morning as if they were princesses.

How priceless is that?!

I hope, that when they get older, no one will be good enough for their hearts unless he treats them like a princess … just like their Papa does.

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