← Nana and Papa ~ Part 3

I hadn’t planned on writing so many posts about Nana and Papa.

In my head, it started as just a regular post about what was on my mind that morning.

Then it grew.

But, can you blame me?

So, this is the last post I have planned in my mind … for now.

There are a few more things about Nana and Papa that I wanted to share with you …

1. Nana and Papa both smile with their mouths and their eyes.

Did you see it in the pictures?

They have the most beautiful smiles.

2. When they are at church  …

Papa puts his arm on the back of the pew.

Nana sits right smack next to Papa.

They fit like a puzzle.

Like God created the two of them just for each other.

3.  I wanted to share this picture I took of Nana and Papa.

Nana, with her face like an angel, had turned to Papa and he gracefully lowered his head down to hear her.

I wish you could have seen it.  I don’t know that I can explain why I loved seeing that moment.  But, I love this picture I took.

And I don’t know what Nana was saying to Papa.  For all I know, it could have been something like … Gracious my!  What are they feeding this baby?!?!  (She does seem to have the growing thing down pat.)  Or … Did I turn the iron off before we left the house?  Or … She’s taking pictures in church … again.

But, I loved witnessing the moment.

And I love the picture.

And I wanted to share it with you.

I wanted to share Nana and Papa with you.