Some of the joy and happiness is gone from my life.

I’m so very sad.

Let me explain …

Summers in Texas are hot.  Very hot.

It’s the wear shorts, definitely not pants, kind of hot.

Fall has started.  …  Well, according to the calendar.  …  The weather still says summer, and I’m trying very hard not to be too cranky about that.

Anyway, Fall has started, and with it brings cooler weather clothes.

Like pants, not shorts.

I have been waiting all summer … that long hot summer, made to feel even longer when having to wait for the return of pants.

But, not just any ol’ pants.

Texas Guy’s pants.

Those Wranglers that I have not seen hide nor hair of for many many months.

It just makes those summer months seem so much longer.

Then  …  last week  …  Texas Guy left for work  …  in his Wranglers!

It was a glorious morning!

He kissed me goodbye before he left in the morning for work and in that still half-asleep state of a mother that is still up at night with a baby, I watched as his Wrangler clad silhouette walked out the door.

I smiled a happy contented smile, feeling all was right with the world again, and fell back asleep.

Later that day he called me from the big superstore in town.

All his jeans have holes in them and it’s time for new ones.

He has been discouraged with how very quickly his jeans have been ripping and tearing and wearing thin.

He, and others apparently, remember when they could work in their Wranglers and they would last a long time.

Not anymore.

So, he checked out another brand of jeans.  The denim felt thicker and he decided to give them a try.

For just a couple more dollars, if they lasted longer, this made good economic sense.  And I’m the kind of girl who really likes that bottom line.

He decided to buy them, we said goodbye, and hung up the phone.

Then a sadness washed over me.

I had just agreed to the purchase of jeans other than Wranglers.

Those jeans I had been waiting so very long to see again.

But, these new jeans might be a good buy.  And I think Texas Guy looks good in just about anything.  So, that was enough of the sadness.

He now wears his new jeans.

I want to be happy that we may be saving money by not having to replace his jeans so often.

But, I’m not.

Try as I may, I’m just not.

I’m going to go to the Wrangler website.  Maybe they sell different kinds of jeans, some that are more durable than the ones we have been buying at our local discount superstore.  They may be more expensive, but can you really put a price tag on my happiness?  …  Well, actually, Wrangler can.

I just want that joy and happiness back.

I miss it.