While I was pregnant, or taking care of a new baby, and now a teething baby …  and I was, or am, not getting enough sleep  … I am, however, reaping the benefits of ensuring that my children get a good night’s sleep.

I love waking up late, still very tired, to find that the girls are up, already.

When they get a good night sleep, they wake up on time in the mornings  …  get themselves dressed  …  make their beds  …  check to see that their room is picked up, sometimes  …  and are ready for school on time.

And they do it all without an alarm clock to wake them up!

Can you imagine being so well rested that you don’t need an alarm clock?!

I wonder if, as an adult, we could do the same thing.

I think it helps a lot that Sweet Pea is a serious morning person.  She has been from birth.  She was in bed early, and up early, from birth.

Then Bug was born and she was a night owl, just like her momma.  But, over time, she has somehow adjusted to Sweet Pea’s schedule.  …  She still doesn’t jump out of bed like Sweet Pea does.  …  I don’t blame her.  Blech!

Anyway …  I have made sure that bedtime is a priority …  that we have a good bedtime routine that gives them time to wind down from the day  …  that they are in bedtime on time.  Of course, there are those times when life isn’t perfect.  But, we try to keep those the exception rather than the rule.

“On time” is easy to figure out and it probably differs for each child.

But, when they wake up easily and happy and they make it through the day without any signs of lack of sleep,  I know we are getting them in bed on time, that they are getting enough sleep.

Enough sleep for my girls is 7:30 – lights out.

7:30 is early.  There are sometimes things that we cannot participate in.  And it would be nice to have free time in the evenings, or more of it.

But, when my children are well rested, when they wake up easily, when that have good days because they are well rested  …  it’s worth anything we might miss in the evenings.  That really is an easy one.

And, as a parent, I love that golden time when all the children are in bed.  It’s nice to be able to relax a little.  And, it’s not horrible that that golden time starts so early.  …  Even if I spend much of that time picking up the house or answering emails or something.  It’s quiet and peaceful.

Thinking about all the benefits the girls reap from a good night sleep, plus all the benefits we have all heard or read about, I think it’s time to make a good night sleep a priority for me as well.

I may have to have a discussion with the baby about this first.