Is there any need to explain to you the wonderful powers of chocolate?

I think not.

It’s just understood.

So, I’ll skip my ramblings about chocolate, its powers, and my love for it.  For now.

So I can get straight to telling you about one of my most favorite things  …

Hershey’s Cocoa

It makes the most delicious hot cocoa.

We use the recipe for Favorite Hot Cocoa on the side of the container.  (It makes six servings, but we did the math so we can make just one, or less than six, if we need to.)  It’s simply perfect.  It’s what we make when the weather turns cold.  It’s what we take when we head out for a Christmas or New Years Parade.

I also use it to make chocolate frosting.  And I use the recipe on the back of the container.  It’s simply delicious.

We also use it for any recipe that calls for cocoa powder.

Then, one day, I was walking down the grocery store aisle and saw this!

My gracious!!

How long has that been sitting on the shelf without my knowing it?!?!

How long has my life been lacking this item?!?!

I just had to have it.  It just must be wonderful.

I bought it.

It is!

So, now, when I make hot cocoa I use half of each – the regular and the dark.

Mmmmmm!!  The marshmallows just look happier floating in my mug.  I’m sure they are.

And then I tried using half of each to make the frosting.


My taste buds sang out to the heavens as my head swirled with the intoxication of deliciously superb chocolate!!

I think I’ll try making hot cocoa and frosting with just the dark cocoa next time.  …  But, half of each was simply perfect!!