I am not a morning person.

Not in any way, shape, or form.

At all.

I am very much a night owl.

My night owl internal clock is so very strong that my mom says the only time she has slept in in the morning was when she was pregnant with me.

I am very much … oh so very very much … a night owl.

Mornings make me sick.


But, that doesn’t keep me from enjoying certain things in the morning hours.  (Just saying ‘morning hours’ makes me cringe.  Ick.)

I also have a great distaste for window blinds.

Horizontal or vertical.  I think they are tacky and unattractive.  And they are a pain to clean.   A pain, I tell you!  …  There is an exception  …  I do like the horizontal wood ones, or ones that look like wood.  …  So, I stand corrected.  (Except that really, I’m sitting, but it’s a phrase.)  …  But, they are still a hassle to clean.

None of this is really what I wanted to share with you today.

But the baby is still teething, and may have a cold.  Texas Guy has a cold.  And I have been fighting one off for a few days now.  Sleep is not a successful activity in our home these days.  And sleep really helps my brain function.  …  When it doesn’t function well, you get discombobulated posts like this one.

What I wanted to share with you is this …

Despite my displeasure with my window blinds, …

I love the way the morning sun shines on them  …  casting a warm, golden glow onto the walls,  …  filling the room.

Especially during Fall and Winter.

It’s wonderful, … on those mornings when I am still in bed when the sun hits the windows, … to lay in bed wrapped in those soft silky cotton sheets … under a cozy comforter … and soak in all that golden morning light.

I also love the shapes and shadows on the blinds.

Like the American Flag that hangs from our house.  I love to watch its shadow on my window blinds as it waves in the breeze.

Or the leaves from a small tree outside.