Just like most mornings, I walked around the house in my sleepy-headed morning state opening blinds and making sure the house was straightened up before the day got underway.

As my dear friend, wife to my cousin, sister-separated-at-birth Gina would say, “It’s like rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.”

I know the house will be messy again soon, and then we’ll try to tidy up again before Texas Guy gets home, and check it all over once more before turning in for the night.  But, I like to start the day with the house looking tidy.

Anyway, as I was turning the blinds open, I realized that I now also pull the blinds up, out of reach of the baby’s little fingers.

So, on any given day, one can see just by looking around, just how “tall” the baby is by looking at the blinds.

Today she is “this tall”.