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There’s something about my throat.

The slightest hint of a cold, and my throat is irritated.  Then I start to sound like Demi Moore.  Then, sometimes my voice goes on vacation.  It’s been this way since high school … as far as I can remember.

But, it’s the irritation that then has me coughing that is really a hassle.

That irritated, tickle in your throat that seems to act up even more once your head hits the pillow.  You know what I mean?  Then I do more coughing than sleeping.  And the whole things spirals … down hill!

So, years ago, I had had enough!  (I like my sleep!!  …  Who’d have thought, with all these babies I keep having?!)

Here’s what works for me.  If you’re in need of ideas, maybe they will help you as well.

First, cut off the source of irritation at the pass –

  • Usually, its post-nasal drip that’s getting to my throat.  So, I handle the nose end of things.  Don’t sniffle, grab a tissue and blow!
  • Try to sleep with your head somewhat elevated so it’s not dripping on your throat (gross, I know, sorry).
  • Take a decongestant.  (I try to avoid taking meds of any kind if I can find a way to handle things without them.  But, that’s just me.)

Soothe and pamper your throat to prevent irritation and help it heal if irritation got there first –

  • A great way to start and end each day is a good steamy shower!  It helps clear out a stuffy nose, soothe a dry irritated throat … and really, we all know a steamy shower helps if you’re achy (something about colds can make your head achy)  …  If you’re treating a child, my kids absolutely love their steamy baths!!!  A steamy shower isn’t quite as warm when you’re a shorty.  By the time the water gets to you, the drops are much more spread out and cooler, leaving the shorty shivering.  No fun.  Plug the tub, turn the shower on, once it has a few inches in the bottom, throw those shortys in there.  The shower will have warmed the bathroom a little and the water in the bottom will help keep them warm and give them something to play in.  Then leave the shower on, spraying against the wall to provide them with continuous steam.
  • Limit the use of your voice.  And take care to use it in a way that limits strain on it as much as possible.  …  An extra bonus – when talking softly, or not at all, my kids listen better than ever.  It’s very cool.  (They’re pretty fantastic listeners normally, but this is fun to watch!)
  • Warm liquids are best, room temp if you must, avoid cold.  And try warm foods, like soup.  Your throat will thank you.
  • A person can only drink so many warm fluids in one day.  So, in between, I gargle with warm salt water.  I find it disgusting.  But, it is quick, and painless, so enough complaining.  I gargle throughout the day.  The more irritated my throat is, the more I gargle. Blech.  But, my throat thanks me, and then it lets me sleep at night.
  • And lastly, I don’t like using cough drops that have instructions limiting how many I can use in a 24 hour period.  Sometimes I need more.  My goal is to prevent coughing.  And whatever is in them limiting how much I should consume, I might not want to consume at all.  So, I’ve found that hard candy is perfect!  Like those round white and red swirled mints.  But, at night, I was concerned about falling asleep with a candy in my mouth.  Then I started using Dum-Dums!  I love these things!  They’re perfect!  Especially at night.  They are small, the perfect size.  It helps me stop coughing and by then I’m usually done with it.  …  Although there was that one night that I woke up with the stick in my hand and the lollipop stuck to my forehead.  …  But, at least I hadn’t fallen asleep and choked on it.  At least I had fallen asleep! 😛

By the way, I am not a doctor.  I do not wish to be a doctor.  I do not aspire to be a part of the medical community at all.  …  Though, I don’t mind the band-aid section at the store.  …  I’m just me. …  Take care.