Yesterday, Bug was doing her homework.

She was to read the book she chose at school to a parent.

That parent was me.

As I listened to her read the story, I was sitting here at the computer taking care of a few things on my calendar.

When I had finished, I looked over and saw this …

… and, of course, immediately took a picture.

My kids are goofy.

Every single one of them.

And I love that about them!

As I looked at her and enjoyed her goofy-ness, I flashed back a few years (and then a few years more, and maybe a decade or two) to myself as a child.

And there I was.

Hanging upside down off the edge of my bed, reading my book.

Doing a headstand on my bed, my feet on the wall (sorry, Mom), reading my book.

Climbing the big tree in the front yard that had a perfectly formed “seat” where three branches met, and reading my book.

There are more, but you get the picture.

I loved to read.

Loved loved loved it.

I still do.

And so does Bug.

She’s a lucky girl!

Reading is fun!