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Last night was one of those late nights that parents of a baby have.

We are so incredibly fortunate that as our sweet baby nears her first birthday she has not given us any of those late nights until now.  So, we certainly cannot complain.

She was just so unhappy and crying.  I think she was gasy (is that a word?).

After a while, she had convinced her daddy to take us out for a midnight drive.

Fortunately for us, Baby Girl is here visiting for Thanksgiving.  So we were both able to go and leave the sleeping girls here under her care.

As we drove down one of the country roads near our home, Texas Guy and I took advantage of the stolen moment from all the hustle and bustle of busy family life to enjoy each others company and chat.

Between the rumble of the truck, its rhythmic movement, and the sound of our voices, the baby lulled off to sleep in her car seat in the back.

Sitting together in the front seat of the dark truck, we drove a while longer.  I watched as the headlights of the truck lit a path down the road ahead of us and the moon lit the landscape of the Texas Hill Country surrounding us. We traveled along with nothing else around but the stars above in the dark night sky and one deer standing by the road.

As I breathed in the scent of hot coffee each time Texas Guy took a sip, I listened to the sound of his voice.

I just love the sound of his voice.

As tiring and a little worrying as the night was, and as tired as I am this morning, I realize I am one incredibly blessed girl.

And to the Lord, I am so very grateful.