Fall is here!

Well  …  sort of.

I’ve learned something, much to my dismay, about the weather here.

It will feel like a wonderful cool, crisp Fall day one day   …   and the next day it can feel like a hot, muggy Summer day  …  and then before you know it, it will go from that Summer-like day, skip Fall all together, and be down right frigid, jumping right into Winter.

I really like to have seasons.

But, I really like the seasons to stick to the calendar a bit more.

Not all show up, mingling together, in one calendar week.

It’s just weird.

But, I continue to look desperately for signs of Fall, clinging to each little bit of it I can find.

And by little bit  …  I mean  …  well, Exhibit A  …

See the tiny spot of color in the tree?

Here, let me zoom in for you …

Now, can you see it?!

Aside from being totally weird, it’s the most “fall foliage” I had seen to date.

I also don’t get out much.

Or at all.

It’s kind of sad and pathetic.

Not so sad, is the view out of the windows on the front of my house which includes the huge tree in the yard that I love.

The tree and the yard look like Fall.

It helps that Texas Guy doesn’t have time to do any kind of yard work, so the leaves are still on the ground for me to enjoy.

Although, it doesn’t help that if I want a nice yard, I would have to do it myself.

On the way home from school the other day, the girls found some Fall fun.

Running through the leaves that had gathered in the gutter with leaves flying up all around their feet.

I just love watching my kiddos be kids and have fun.