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A few days ago, I had the Christmas boxes brought out and placed on the back patio.

Today, I brought them into the laundry room and the girls and I decorated the house.

It was wonderful to pull out all the decorations that we have had for years and years.

Like old friends that have returned for a visit and are signaling the beginning of the Christmas season.

And the whole thing had us singing Christmas carols in no time!

Then I went back to the laundry room to start a load of laundry.

I leaned over and slid a pile of boxes over so I could get to the laundry basket.

I was totally taken by surprise when something moved quickly past my face!

I stood up and that something just as quickly hit my chest … and dropped into my shirt!!

The shirt with the neckline that is perfect for catching all things wanted and unwanted …

Just as quickly, I realized it was a hornet-looking-thing.

(I’m not very informed on all things bug related.  At all.  To say I am not a fan of bugs would be a gimonstrous understatement.)

I immediately began screaming and jerking at my shirt to get either the hornet or my shirt or both off of me!!

In all that jerking, I had flung it onto the door next to me!

I grabbed the broom and started whacking at that thing like crazy!!

(I may need to buy a new broom.  It fell apart a little.)

The hornet kept flying and trying to come towards me and I kept whacking at it!


I won.


I realize this is not a great picture.  And I can promise you, I will not go back to take another one.  And, furthermore, I guarantee you, it will sit under the bug mug until Texas Guy gets home and rescues me from it.

After it was all over, and the heebie-jeebies subsided, I was reminded of a scene in the movie Under The Tuscan Sun.

Have you seen it?

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Well … here you go … enjoy ….

(You might want to watch this clip when children are not present and then decide if you’re ok with them seeing it.)

Under The Tuscan Sun clip on IMDb.com