I was walking through the house this morning in my usual half-awake, half-asleep, state, opening window blinds, straightening up, and putting my home in order before starting the day.

That’s when I noticed the way the sunlight poured in from the front windows laying a wide, long path of light across my carpet and onto the wood floor of the kitchen.

I just love light.

Light from all sources as it plays on different surfaces.

But, I won’t ramble on about that … not now.

That’s when I noticed that despite vacuuming and sweeping the morning before, that same beautiful sunlight was highlighting a whole lot of dust or dirt or dog hair or who-knows-what-else on my kitchen floor.

The dirt is less obvious in the picture than it was in person.


My heart sank just a little and I cringed just a bit as the enjoyment of that sunlight had faded some and the reality of my constant effort to clean a house with a dog as part of the family is a losing battle washed over me.

And then this phrase came to mind  …

Everything looks clearer in the light of day.

And then I laughed  …  just a little.

Boy, is that ever the truth.

And right now, before my eyes, the dirt all over my floor looks pretty darn clear.


Fortunately, sometimes things look clearer in the light of day in a good way.

Have you ever noticed how when you’re having trouble figuring something out, if you sleep on it, the situation looks clearer when day breaks?

Sometimes the solution is clear and positive.  Sometimes the solution is not what you had hoped for, not the happy ending you had wanted.  But either way, you can see clearly what direction you should take to solve the problem.  …  And, ultimately, isn’t a solution what you needed?  What you were hoping for?

My solution:

1.  Sweep and vacuum daily  …. drat.

2.  Ask Texas Guy, for the umpteenth time, to please brush his dog regularly  …  try to appeal to his love for the dog (and his need for good grooming and care) and me (and my need for help lightening my huge daily workload)  …  listen to him complain, get cranky, and tell me that he never brushed his dog before and shouldn’t have to now  …  double drat.

Maybe I’ll just skip Step 2.

See what I mean?  Sometimes the solution is one that makes you happy  …  sometimes  …  not so much.

Of course, while you’re waiting for the light of day to help you see clearly  …

don’t forget to be objective and honest with yourself   …

and don’t forget to pray!