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Last night, while juggling life (my family – including a fussy baby, dinner, our Advent time, bedtime, etc.) I made 3 different kinds of cookie dough.

They all needed to chill in the fridge for a while.

So, I made them, rolled them out into squares, wrapped them, and placed them in separate stacks in the fridge until morning.

Before I went to bed, I planned out in my head what other goodies we wanted to try to make and in what order we could do it in so that it would all be completed in one day.

When I woke up, I reviewed my plans in my head before I got out of bed.

The baby and I got up and found Sweet Pea and Bug in the kitchen.

They sometimes get their own breakfast in the mornings.

But, this morning … this morning, I found they were not making breakfast.

They were trying to roll our white dough with our chocolate dough to form the pinwheel cookies.

So, excited to make cookies and eager to help, they had started about an hour before I got out of bed.

However, the dough had gotten soft.  And while attempting to do this, they had somehow combined the white and chocolate so that we now had two squares of chocolate.

With the dough all the same color … a pinwheel look would be very difficult to achieve.

Plus, it looked like they had used a square of the cream cheese cookie dough for the Raspberry Pinwheels instead of a white dough for the white and chocolate pinwheel cookies.  Thereby derailing two different cookies at once.

I was soooooo upset!!

Making all that dough was time-consuming enough  …  especially when there’s dinner to make, a hungry family, a fussy baby, housework that is waiting  …  you get the idea.   …   All that work, felt wasted.

We are running low on baking supplies and running to the store just isn’t an option right now.   …   So, I can’t simply make more.

And   …   With a baby in the house, this is one of those Christmases where things are being done late, last-minute, or not at all.   …  That we were actually getting some baking done, was exciting to me.   …   Now, some of the cookies that danced in my head as I fell asleep the night before might not become a reality.

I shooed the girls out of the kitchen, assessed the damage, and collected my still half asleep self.

I shooed the girls out of the kitchen with my mad voice.

OK  …  So, after sorting it all out, collecting myself, discussing tomorrow’s plans with Texas Guy on the phone, hanging up without responding to his “I love you”, waking up completely, and texting a “Sorry! I love you, too!” text to Texas Guy it turns out that they hadn’t used any of the cream cheese dough.  The Raspberry Pinwheels were still safe.  And we still had two untouched squares for the chocolate pinwheels – we will just have half as many as I had thought.  Not so terrible.

So, it wasn’t really a “calamity”.

But, what might have been, if left uncorrected, was that I got so upset with the girls.

I had a brief Ebenezer Scrooge moment as I saw my possible future if I had left things as they were after using my mad voice with the girls.

Let’s take a look at this …

There I lay, sleeping all bundled under cozy covers, while little “elves” are cooking away in the kitchen.

Knowing, like they do, that there are certain things they are not allowed to use and/or do in the kitchen for safety reasons  …  This is not a terrible situation at all.

It’s a very good situation to find myself in.

And in my experience, these eager, budding little chefs later turn into preteens and teens that ask if they can make dinner  …  start to finish, with no assistance needed.  To which I always answer, “HECK YEAH!!!”

So, the possible future situation is a pretty darn good one, too!!

Plus … when I noticed that Sweet Pea was following the recipe directions and had even gotten a ruler to ensure she was rolling them out to the accurate size, …

the analytical part of my heart leaped for joy!

I immediately went to my darling (cookie plan destroying) girls and set everything straight.

…  Cooking – very good … and very fun!!!

…  Of course you may help!!  A great idea!!  …  Just run it by me first so we can check for any assistance needed for safety reasons and to ensure that you are not using any ingredients we might need in the immediate future.

…  Then go forth with your culinary aspirations my sweet offspring  … go forth and create delicious dishes … while Mommy puts her feet up and pretends life is all leisure!

We then proceeded to begin our day of baking.

We made Chocolate Crinkles  …

… and they are cooling on the rack.

We made those Chocolate Pinwheels that the girls wait eagerly all year for …

… and they, too, are cooling on a rack.

The Black Raspberry Pinwheels are cooling …

…  and we will get started on our next cookie as we listen to Christmas music, enjoy this time together, taste our fresh baked treats … and hope Texas Guy isn’t upset with my cranky attitude this morning   …  and if he is, maybe the cookies will help him forgive me.

And, with that, my plans to have my children do all my work for me while I lounge each and every day away is secure once again!