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Hey, you!!!

Where have you been?!?!

Oh, that’s right.  You’ve been here … waiting.  And you told me so.

I’m the one that’s been missing.  Oops!

I have been busy enjoying this Christmas time with my family, my friends, … and missing you here.

I hope your holidays were wonderful!!

We have a LOT going on here!  Wrapping up the holidays, getting ready for the new year and all that it will bring.

Plus, we have a teething baby.

Life is busy.

And I really should get to it and do it.  But, I saw something this morning that I wanted to share with you.

Our household, at first glance, can look a bit off-balance.

There are four girls and just two boys.

I say two boys because I’m counting the dog.

The boy’s team needs all the help it can get.

Without the dog, it’s a team of one.

But fear not all of you y-chromosomes.  Texas Guy is man enough to represent the entire gender all on his own.

Trust me.

There are times when us girls still feel outnumbered by him.

He has a presence.

But, us girls … we love being girls!!

Anyway …  I hadn’t heard a peep from the girls in a while so I went to do a quick headcount.  Just to make sure everyone was still present and accounted for.  …  It sounded like the responsible thing to do.  …  If I’m anything, I’m definitely not a “helicopter parent”.

They were outside.

It is one of their most favorite places to be.

It has been cold here lately, so very very cold.  But, that’s OK with us.  We like it cold!  We do not like it hot.  At all.  Please, don’t remind us that we live in Texas.  Winter is my season of denial.  If you jerk me out too quickly with reality I might start bawling.

So, they have spent much of their vacation time outside.  And if the temperatures are in the 30’s that is ok with them!  That’s why they have jackets, hoods, hats, gloves!

Today it is 64.  64 degrees.

And we think it is lovely!!  The doors are open so the fresh air can blow through the house.  And the girls were outside in summer dresses … playing in mud!!

And here is the beauty of being a girl.

A girl can be sweet …

… and silly …

… and lovely.

All at the same time.

All the while, …

… making a muddy mess on her toes …

…  and on her bows.

Because, when it’s all said and done, she is still a girl.

And all that fun in the mud means she gets to …

… shower off with her new shower gel that comes in different colors, and sometimes sparkles, and all smell like different sweets, treats, and desserts.