It’s New Year’s Eve!

And I cleaned both my bathrooms, like I usually do.


No, sorry.  I mean …

I cleaned the bathrooms today like I usually do on Fridays.

Not on New Year’s Eve.

But, if you ever want to stop by for a visit, and you want to be here when my bathrooms are their cleanest, come by on Friday.

Just a little FYI for ya.

This afternoon, the weather had warmed up to the low 60’s, and the outdoors called to my girls.

The outdoors calls them all the time … except in the heat of summers here.

But we can’t talk about that right now.

I went about my usual day of chores and such when I heard a knock on the back door.

Through the glass of the door I see Sweet Pea peering through to me … her hands and feet covered in mud.

I tell her to play outside a while longer before they clean up.

A while longer … was long enough to cover their faces as well.

There are times when my mom-ideas are not the best.

See the bottom of my freshly-washed, sparkly-clean tub …

Sometimes my mom-ideas are not the best.

And sometimes … there is fun to be had!