When I was a child, our tooth fairy oftentimes forgot to come and get our tooth.

We would wake up in the morning and it would still be there.

Sometimes, the same thing would happen again the next night … or, morning.

My parents explained to us that our tooth fairy, Forgetful Francine, would sometimes  …  well  … forget.

Knowing about our tooth fairy made it easy to understand why she hadn’t arrived while we were sleeping.

It may have even helped us to be more understanding of people with challenges of one sort or another.

And we oftentimes found it funny.

Years later, when I became a mother, and my oldest child started losing his teeth, I noticed that my children must have the same tooth fairy my sister and brother and I did.

Good ol’ Forgetful Francine.

I have told my children about our tooth fairy.

It is fun for us that she has stayed in the family.

Last night, Bug finally had her first tooth to leave for the tooth fairy … Forgetful Francine.

She did not forget.

Sometimes she’s on the ball that one.

Either way, we enjoy her.