From the other room, I heard the girls singing the Monkeys On The Bed song.

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed

One fell off and bumped his head

Now, I have become very adept at blocking out the sounds of children.

It is a survival skill for moms across the globe.

But what drew my attention was that their rhythm seemed to be off.

So, I started to listen.

One child then sang …

Mama called up the doctor and the doctor said

I realized she had added the word “up” to the song.

I wondered if she had unintentionally added it.

Then I heard them sing it again, and use the word “up” … again.

And again.

So, I wondered if they thought it was supposed to be part of the song.

I listened as they continued the song, counting down the monkeys from 5 and always using the word up.

I began to think about how odd it sounded and started wondering if it was grammatically correct.

And then it hit me!!

My girls are growing up in small town Texas!!

They call people up around here.

My life as a California city girl in small town Texas is a never-ending string of surprises for me.