One of my resolutions for this new year is to take better care of myself.

One way I plan to do this is to give myself a break from making, and cleaning up after, dinner at least once a week.

Though, I do love to cook, I wouldn’t mind a break from time to time.

And as a busy mom of multiple children with many other “hats” that I wear, it’s time I make sure I take some time off every now and then.

As time goes on, the girls will begin to help in the kitchen more and more.  And they will get better at cleaning up in the kitchen as well.

While we wait for that to progress to full meal preparation and proper clean up, I have a plan.

Texas Guy will also want to help ensure that I get this weekly break as well.

Well, he might want to.

Once I explain to him why I should have a break …

and why he should have a hand in giving me that break.

Well … maybe.

But, even still, since I don’t want Frito Pie once a week, I made sure I had a plan.

Every Friday, Texas Guy will buy something pre-made for dinner and bring it home.

It’s like room service  …  like royal treatment  …  it’s almost like a date!!

No, it’s nothing like a date.

Some day I will tell you how a date with Texas Guy typically goes.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah  …

Of course, buying dinner can be costly.

The country’s economic struggles are being felt in our house.

And Texas Guy is no tiny-portions-please kind of guy.

So, I have to be creative.

When buying dinner, we try to aim for $2-$3 per person.

Tonight, …

a large pizza with three toppings for less than $12 was perfect.

Adding some carrot sticks and milk from our fridge and we had dinner that I didn’t have to make.

Next week, I’m thinking tamales from a local restaurant!

$9 for a dozen (of which we might only eat half, the other half we can save for another Friday, so $4.50 for dinner).  Have the girls make a salad.  They could even heat up a can of beans, make Spanish rice, and of course, pour our milk.

Dinner is served!!