Little more than two years ago, I saw Texas for the first time.

Just short of  two years ago, I moved to Texas.

Moving is a change.

Moving to a new state, a new area, a new region of the country – and even more so, to Texas –  is quite a change.

Everything is new and different when you move.

And, with a move like this, everything is so very different.

The normal everyday things like grocery shopping, the post office, doctor visits, church, school – different.

The way people talk, the things they say, the phrases they use, the sound of their voice, that accent – different.

Normal everyday operations of running errands that was all done in the city where I lived, now requires planning ahead and a trip to town – different.

All the neighbors, friends, acquaintances, employees at businesses – different.

The landscape, the views – different.

Traveling, that was so second nature, the streets you knew so well and without looking at a map – different.

We were driving into the city last weekend, and as I looked out the window and watch the landscape pass by, I realized that the trees looked familiar to me.

Two years later, they no longer look so different – though I still don’t really like them – they no longer look different   …   they look familiar.

There is a certain amount of comfort in familiarity.


– when not every single part of each and every day and each and everything you do and each and every place you go is … different.

– when something feels comfortable  …  when you can feel more relaxed.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have no regrets about the move.  There is a very long list of things I absolutely love about where I have moved to.  And all the “different” is not unnerving for me.  In many ways, it is lots of fun.

But, it was nice to feel the comfort of familiar after so long.