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Many years ago, shortly after my Sweet Pea was born, she developed very very dry skin.

As a newborn, dry-looking, flaky skin isn’t so uncommon and doesn’t require any special treatment.

But, Sweet Pea’s skin really was very dry and something needed to be done.

I really don’t like all those strongly scented products available.  Especially on my sweet smelling babies.

So, off I went in search of a natural solution for her.

That’s when I came across the milk bath concept.

Here’s what I learned  …

Mill baths have been used for hundreds of years and by many well-known women … Cleopatra seems to be the one most associated with taking milk baths.

The lactic acid in the milk both exfoliates the skin by helping to loosen dead skin cells and soothes the skin by hydrating it.

I gave it a try and was thrilled with the results!

It really helped her skin.

Also, since I’ve always found it easier to bathe my babies by sitting in the tub with them … plus, it’s fun, and a nice bonding opportunity  …  I was amazed at how incredibly soft my skin felt.  It has never felt softer!

Then there is the fun discovery that when added to the tub while it is filling it makes lots and lots of bubbles.

It is suggested by experts that ingredients in some bath products can be irritating – especially to babies and young girls and can contribute to urinary tract infections.  So, we simply don’t use bubble bath products and are careful about bath products that we use.  It’s just simple and makes sense.

The milk is safe and gentle … and makes a tub full of fun bubbles!

And, there was one more fun discovery  …  the milk is also great for our hair!

But, it gets even better …

A milk bath is quick, easy, simple (words a parent loves to hear).

A milk bath is incredibly affordable (well … who doesn’t love to hear that?).

So, give it a try!

No matter who you are or what your age   …  I think you’ll love it.

I do!

Here’s what we do  …

We keep a bottle of dry instant milk in a jar in the bathroom  (affordable convenience – love it!).

While the tub fills, pour about 1 cup of the dry milk into the stream of water  (this is where the bubbles start – fun!).

That’s it!  Easy!