I awoke this morning thinking about a dream I had just had.

And that’s how it became my blog post for today.

Then, after I got out of bed, got moving, showered and made breakfast  …  I remembered that today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

So, I strongly feel I must tell you in advance  …  my dream is not nearly as profound and moving as his was.

As a matter of fact, my dream is not profound or moving in the slightest.

Not at all.

But, I am sharing it with you because …

…  well  …

…  honestly, because it’s Monday morning  …  because for as much as I need my brain for my plans today, that is how very much it would rather veg out today.

And because, when I sit down to blog, it is on the forefront of my brain.

My poor brain.  I love it.

So …

I dreamt that my sister

(Here she is making bunny ears behind my unsuspecting Bug’s head … if anything, my sister is silly  …  and looking at Bug’s most favorite restaurant meal – cheese quesadilla – is making me hungry.)

anyway …

… my sister and I were at a store placing items in our shopping cart.

For some inexplicable reason, we were buying one of every Crayola product before our eyes.

(I don’t know what to tell you.)

Next thing I remember we were standing on the banks of a river or on the beach near the water.  …  There was water nearby.  There was a wet sandy surface beneath our feet.

And our brother

was about to embark on a trip to the moon.

It was dusk, so it made sense (to my dream brain) that he be traveling to the moon (because my dream brain didn’t automatically realize that traveling to the moon can take place during the daytime as well, even though the moon isn’t shining brightly.).

He did blast off to the moon.

(I don’t know why my brother would be traveling to the moon.  I don’t remember him ever endeavoring to do so.  I suspect it might be because his hair reminds me of Jimmy Neutron.

Do you see the resemblance?

I love my brother.  And his hair.)

He returned about an hour later.

(This made perfect sense to my dream brain as well.)

He landed with quite a thud…

(Obviously.  He had just come from the moon.  That is far away.  So stopping would make a loud thud.)

… right next to where we were standing …

… on the wet sandy ground …

…inside my ottoman.

(Now this might seem odd to you, but to my dream brain it makes perfect sense.  The lid to my ottoman opens to reveal a very handy storage area.  Perfect for all kinds of things.  Moon travel passengers included.  …  Try to ignore the small detail of my brother’s height at something like over 6 feet tall.  I want you to know he looked very comfy.  There was a piece of foam in there and when he climbed out, an indent of his head was visible in the foam. … See, comfy.)

My brother’s return was a happy one.  Something akin to greeting someone at the airport when they arrive.  …  Fun!

But, there was a slight air of sadness, disappointment if you will, when we discovered that the Crayola markers he had traveled with no longer worked.

Poor, sad, non-functioning markers.

But, my dream did not end on a sad note.  But, rather one of confusing curiousness.

My brother had his tongue pierced.

Again, not something I would expect of my brother.

As far as I remember, he doesn’t like needles, doctors, anything medical … and probably not a fan of the idea of putting a hole in his tongue.

But, who knows.

Dreams can be revealing.

I shutter to think what my dreams reveal.