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I have a friend that takes incredible pictures.

This Christmas, she took some fantastic pictures while visiting family in New York City.

The pictures she took inside Grand Central Station really captured my heart and took my breath away.

There’s just something about train stations that I love.

And, so I text her immediately and begged her to let me share her pictures with you.

Thank you, Christie, for sharing the world through your eyes with others!

Photo by Christie Ryan


There’s just something about the architecture of old train stations.


The Christmas decorations give it such a look of celebration.


The American flag is so eye-catching.


Photo by Christie Ryan


Take in the color combinations of the room.


The lights, the shadows, the contrasts …

… I’m speechless.

The glimpse of the city through the windows …

… pulls me through them.

And … I just love the sense of activity looking at all the people.

Finally   …

marvel at this  …

Photo by Christie Ryan

Something about all that light  …

and sparkle  …

and grandeur  …

…  it entices the girly girl and the woman in me.

Christie Ryan, a guest photographer for Love, Laughter, Life … and Laundry, has a wonderful eye for people and the world around us, but it’s her heart that really brings out the life in her photos.