There are boxes upon boxes and cases upon cases of cookies stacked up in my dining room.

This can only mean one thing  …

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time.

I don’t like Girl Scout cookie time.

It’s so much stinkin’ work.

And I already feel like I have plenty on my plate that needs to be done.

And, I think part of my dislike is that cookie time hit last year right after the holidays and just weeks before our baby was born.

I was big, and slow, and tired, and busy.

And then I begin to wonder why, in California, the girls take orders in advance.  It seems like such a better way for the girls (and/or their parents) to do it, rather than here in Texas where we guess wildly as to how many of which cookies they might be able to sell.

And then I begin to wonder why the exact same cookies that I have known all these years have different names now that I’ve moved halfway across the country towards the East.

But, as I subject you to my complaining (attractive, is it not?), I realize I need to adjust my perspective … find a new focus.

Girl Scout Cookies are loved by many.  How many of us have our favorites and look forward to buying them each year?

The sale from these cookies fund the girls’ troops goals – activities that offer opportunities for learning, growth, and contribution to their community.

Enough with my cranky attitude.

The girls got their cookies this week.

They had set them out on a table, simulating a cookie booth outside a business.

They were practicing all that their troop leaders went over with them – rules, guidelines, safety.

What a great idea!  Role playing to prepare themselves for their cookie sales this year with their goals in the forefront of their minds.

Then, last night, Texas Guy asks me, Did you hear the girls with their cookies?

I had … but apparently I had missed part of it.

While role-playing, Sweet Pea asked Bug,  Are there real Girl Scouts in these cookies?


My kids  …  they may be weird  …  there may be rumors that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree  …  but, they crack me up!!!

BTW – I think I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty, no real Girl Scouts have been used in the making of the Girls Scout cookies.