I had clips from The Today Show playing on the computer yesterday when an old Guys Tell All segment came on.

I love those segments.

In this one, a woman had asked about keeping the interest in a relationship alive amidst all of life that sometimes gets in the way.

One of the guys, Rick Younger, said something that was so simply said and so true.

What you always have to remember, as a guy, is there is always someone lookin’ at your woman like you used to look at her when you first saw her.


flickr photo by bp6316 is BACK

flickr photo by bp6316 is BACK

I love that.

It’s so very true.

And straight to the point.

And the same goes for us women.

Both men and women tend to get so comfortable in a relationship that we no longer put the same effort into it that we used to.

We allow life to take priority and no longer make the relationship and the other person the priority that they should be.

It’s a simple, easy, way to let a relationship deteriorate and lose that person.

And … it’s simple and easy to do the opposite.

Recognize the importance of your relationship and that person.

Find bits of time and simple ways to let them know about all the wonderful things you love, admire, enjoy (etc.) about them  … and  your relationship  …  and how much it all means to you.

Bits of time.

Simple ways.

If it matters enough, you will find a way and find the time to do it.

(Here’s a link to the episode, in case you want to watch it Guys Tell All from NBC’s Today Show – November 16, 2010 …  the question starts at 4:16, his answer starts at 5:57)

By the way, bp6316 is BACK and the Today Show don’t know me from Adam.  I just liked this photo and this video clip and wanted to share them with you.