Texas Guy and I watched The Groomsmen the other night.

It was written by, directed by, and starring Edward Burns.

We really like his movies.   …   Well, the ones we’ve seen so far.

And we really liked this one, too.

There’s one point in the movie where Edward Burns’ character is concerned about his impending fatherhood.

What parent-to-be hasn’t freaked out about that?

I, myself, had a full-blown, total and complete, freak out when I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child.

Oh.  …

I might not be normal.

Or a good example.

For anything.

Maybe I’d better save that story for another time.

Back to the movie  …

I love what his friend, played by actor Matthew Lillard, tells him.

…  Honestly?  I’m mean, honestly?  You have one kid, all right, you lose a little bit of your life, you lose a little free time, a little bit of your freedom.  You have two kids, your life is over Joe Joe.

So, why do it?  I mean, why did you and Tina have another kid?

What do you do with your free time?  Honestly, what do you do?  You watch TV.  You go hang out with these knuckle heads.  You jerk off. Right?  Listen to me, free time, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  But, at the end of the night, if I couldn’t, you know,  …   if I couldn’t go upstairs, check in on my little boys, you know, if I couldn’t look at them, make sure they’re ok, my life … my life … my life would be empty is what it would be.