The other day, I went into the kitchen to make breakfast and felt like Old Mother Hubbard.

Well, my kitchen reminded me of Old Mother Hubbard.

I felt  … half asleep, like most mornings.

My kitchen reminded me of the nursery rhyme  …  but, just the first few lines  …

…  about the cupboard  …  not the dog.

There are times when I feel like my blogs are nonsensical.

This is one of those times.

While a bit discouraged by the lack of food in my kitchen, I was …

… happy to see how clean the fridge was.

… confused, yet again, by the electrical outlet inside the cupboard (welcome to a home built in the 1940’s).

… frustrated to see those darned cookies that seem to infiltrate my world (the girls found money in their wallets).

But, from my Old Mother Hubbard kitchen, I was thrilled to be able to …

… make one of our favorite dinners – Fried Rice (we’re weird),

… try out a new recipe – a pumpkin bread (it was amazing, I plan to make 2 more loaves with a few adjustments and then share the recipe with you!),

… and concoct an absolutely delicious chocolate nut bar kind of thing out of ingredients I actually had (I can’t wait to share this recipe with you, also!!).

The day started out a bit discouraging and ended up wonderfully filling and delicious!

I’m wondering, though, how do you feel about my posting recipes to the blog?