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Sweet Pea is “our cheerleader”.

We’ve called her that since she was just 2 years old and her first phrase was “no problem”.

Whenever any of us was trying to figure something out, plan or arrange something, or was upset or struggling with something, she was there with her favorite phrase and a big hug.

It’s one of my most favorite things about her!

So, I’m never surprised when she’s supporting or encouraging one of us.

She and Bug are in Girl Scouts.

Patches are a part of the program  …  their uniforms  …  their lives.

So, when Bug finally began to like eating beans, Sweet Pea was right there, cheering for her.

Bug is a bit of a picky eater.

She eats what I make and I try not to use foods she dislikes too often.  But, shes definitely not excited when I make some of the foods she dislikes.   …  Like potatoes  … of any form.

Sweet Pea, with her enthusiastic spirit and love for her sister, began making patches for Bug to celebrate the move of some of her dislike foods to the “Like list” and in an effort to encourage her to try some more of her dislike foods again.

(I love the way she wrote “2010” .. and you’ll soon see her “2011”.)

Pineapple Juice Patch

She still doesn’t like pineapple.  But, pineapple juice is still worthy of a patch.


What is it about oranges?

None of my kids liked them when they were young.  I didn’t either.

Orange juice is yummy.  Maybe it’s that hard to chew part around each section.  The pith.  It doesn’t even sound yummy.

Patches of praise and encouragement  …

I think we could all take a page from Sweet Pea’s book and remember to find ways to praise and encourage others.