Yesterday, I was enjoying a day out with my three youngest girls, the kiddos still living at home.

While hanging out at a frozen yogurt shop, this guy had his eye on me the entire time he was there.

When he was finished, he walked by and said something like “Have a good night.” or something.  I don’t remember.

I had just put a small spoonful of frozen yogurt in my mouth.

I wasn’t about to swallow it in order to respond.  …  It was frozen.  …  As in cold.

So, I responded (something like, “You, too.” or something.  I don’t remember.).

But, I had half-melted frozen yogurt in my mouth.  …  As in half liquid.

There is a risk involved here.  …  A risk of having some of my half-melted frozen yogurt dribble out of my mouth while talking.  …  And I really like this stuff.  …  That was a risk I was not about to take.

So, I responded unintelligibly, sounding like I had a mouthful of Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, since I’m not available, it didn’t matter.

But, for those who know me, available or not, I would not risk losing delicious half-melted frozen yogurt or subject myself to gulping down cold frozen yogurt to make a good impression.

Here’s what I’m telling you  …  sometimes I am just not sexy.

But, I do make myself laugh.

This morning, my little 2-foot tall alarm clock woke me for the third time that night.

I had been dreaming.

I was dreaming about sorting dirty laundry in my laundry room.

Here’s what I’m telling you  …  sometimes my life is just not sexy.

But, I do try to make it a good life.