This morning, like any other morning, started with the littlest one in my bed.

I both absolutely love and somewhat dislike having her there.

I woke up, the still sleep-deprived momma that I am, enjoying her sweet smile and unfortunate case of bed-head on that tiny bit of hair she has going on on top of her head.

The dog was whining and following the girls from room to room … he needed to go outside.

I asked Sweet Pea to take him out.

As she willingly bundled up and headed out with the dog in the 13-degree weather, I thanked the good Lord above for my blessings … namely that child that took on the cold weather and dog duties.

She took him out and attached him to the cable (he likes to roam around town on his own).  Then kept an eye on him so she could get him after he was done taking care of business, yet before he turned into a frozen pup-sicle.

As I was hanging out on my warm, comfy bed with the other two monkeys, that dear sweet blessing of mine went back out into the 13-degree morning air and brought him in.

Then she tells me he had been digging and left dirty dog prints across my carpet.


Whyyyy didn’t you wipe his paws off?!

Sorry, Momma, I forgot.

(OK, keep your cool.  It’s not a big deal.  We’ll just clean them up.  It’s too early in the morning to be cranky.)

That’s OK, Sweet Pea.  We’ll clean it up.

I lounge on the bed 5 minutes longer before starting my day.

Then, just as before I get up, I hear the most curious sound.

The dog was peeing on the carpet at the foot of my bed!!

Right after he was taken outside … to pee!!

Without once asking to go out!!  …  He always tells us when he needs to go out!

And, I know it’s because he’s mad that we’ve got him on that cable now.  (We just got it.)

And there went my “OK, keep your cool.  It’s not a big deal.  ….  It’s too early in the morning to be cranky.”

Right out the window and into the 13-degree weather  …  that still wasn’t cold enough to cool me off.

I chased the dog out of my room while he continues to try to pee on the carpet and had Sweet Pea stick him back outside.

I proceeded to clean the carpet while gagging.  Apparently, I cannot handle the smell of morning dog pee right after I wake up and on an empty stomach.

I then go about my day as usual.  Time to regroup, refocus, and get back on track.

I made my bed, open window blinds, start a load of laundry, etc.  I decided to set the laptop by the couch and have myself a half-lazy, comfy day.  Being productive but not at my desk.  I planned to continue my sort-of day off.  …  And since the laptop battery is completely useless, I have to pick a spot and plug in.

I sat down on  the couch to feed the baby before moving on and the computer instantly shut off.  As if I had pulled the plug!   …  Not only is the battery useless, the cord is having an issue, too.  So, (regroup, refocus and…) I find the weak spot, tie the cord to with the hopes that it won’t wiggle and do that again and turn the computer back on.   …  And, of course, the computer tells me to shut it down properly next time.  Thanks.

I sit back down again to feed the baby and hear another odd sound  …  the washing machine is not draining properly and water is pouring all over the laundry room floor!!!

Are you kidding me???!!!???!!!

I mop up the floor and then regroup, refocus and get back to my day.

I then try to retrieve new messages that my cell phone has notified me of.   …  The woman says “Please enter your password followed by the pound sign.” …  I do just that only to hear her then repeat herself.   ….  I do it again, only to hear her repeat herself  …  Then again.  …  Then I hang up, redial  … and repeat the process three more times.


Deep breath in, slow exhale, regroup, refocus … and walk away from the phone …

… and go make breakfast … finally!!

With breakfast made and everyone fed, I go to my (stinky, still smells like dog pee) room to relax for a moment.  I take a moment to pray, a moment to breathe, and then open my bible.  A few moments later, I emerge from my room, ready to get on with my day.

My plan … have a low-key, mellow, relaxing sort of day.

The girls’ plan … to be full of goofy, high-energy and noisy.

With all this cold weather, I neglected to realize they had energy to burn.

I was at my whit’s end.  The end of my rope.  About to lose my mind.

I felt kind of like this …

…  only they’re having fun.

I was not.

In hindsight, I should have realized it would be beneficial to join them rather than fight them.  Find some of our favorite songs and dance around the house.  It would have been good for all of us.  Fun!  Have them play Hullabaloo and Hyper Dash – fantastic indoor, energy-burning games.   …   But, sadly, I did not realize this.  I proceeded through the day with the wrong focus.  …  I’m so very very grateful I don’t do that more often.  …  Lesson learned.

As the day drew to a close, I refocused.  Texas Guy never called or texted if he’d be home for dinner, so we went ahead and ate without him.  The girls and I were on track with dinner and bedtime.  And so we looked forward with the hope of a good night sleep and a fun day to follow.  It was a rare Saturday that Texas Guy didn’t have to work.  We would be going to one of our most favorite national parks and museums.  And as luck would have it, one of the old school houses was having an open house.  I’ve been trying to catch that for over a year now.  It would be a good day.

Then Texas Guy called.  He had news  …  “I got a ticket.”

And there it was.

The straw that broke the camel’s back.

(Stay calm. … Deep breaths in. … Slowly exhale. … Don’t yell. … Stay calm. … )

And then he tells me he was just joking.

I’m relieved … but angry.  That was not funny.

Then he tells me he has to work tomorrow.

And I watched our plans for the day shatter and fall … like glass in a window … and my spirits fell with it.

Deep breath in.

Slow breath out.



Tomorrow, the girls and I will find other ways to have fun.

And above all, like we mentioned in our prayers tonight, whatever we do, we will get to do it together.

So, I tucked all the little ones in bed and they are sleeping.

I’m comfy in my jammies in bed … finishing this post.   …  It may be late, but I’m still getting it done before the day is over.  …  And I’m in bed, early, ready to relax.   …  I had tried this last night, but the baby decided to stay up almost two hours later than usual.  Drat.  …  But, tonight, mission accomplished, finally, and it feels good.

…  And right before I could publish this, Texas Guy came home.  He wanted to talk bills and business.  Maybe tomorrow I will be in bed early and relax.


Refocus …