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Growing up, my parents would mark our height on the laundry room wall with a pencil.

It was right next to the trash can.

They would move the trash can, …

have us stand against the wall, …

place the close-by and easy-to-grab dustpan on top of our heads …

(this part is a childhood memory I try to forget or at least put out of my mind as quickly as it pops in there before I get the heebie jeebies – I don’t know if that dustpan was every washed.  I mean, who washes a dustpan?!)

draw a nice straight line with the pencil and name & date it.

I still enjoy looking at that wall when I’m at my parents’ house.

Now, I’m fortunate that I can still look at it, since they’ve lived there since I was 2 and are still there today.

Here’s the downside … after, well a few years … and maybe a few decades … and then a few more … but we don’t need to be specific, my mother would like to entertain the idea of painting that room.  But, she hates the idea of losing that wall.

There are options.  Ways she could save the markings and still paint, but it made me think twice before doing the same with my children.

Over the years, I have both owned and rented my home.  But during all those years I have had children and wanted to mark their growth as my parents did

(well, maybe without the dustpan on their head … but, I can’t talk about that right now)

but with the ability to easily save those markings.

So, here’s what I did …

I bought wooden yardsticks for each child.

They’re inexpensive and easy to find in any fabric store or sewing area of any craft store or super-store.

2 yardsticks for each child … uuunlessss … you have a child you feel might spring up over the 6 feet mark  …  like my son.   …   But, what I’m telling you is … buy them all at once, at least all 2 or 3 for that particular child, at once so they will look the same.  Otherwise you might get a mismatch of wood and color.  And for crying out loud!  We can’t have that, now can we?!?!

Now, slap those puppies up there with …

… some stuff like this!

I learned about this stuff many many moons ago when I lived in California.  I had only known it as “earthquake putty”.  And when shopping, I could just ask a store employee where the earthquake putty was.   …   I tried that after I moved to Texas.   …   I got the strangest looks.   …  And I wont even tell you how the conversations went from there.

I’ll save you the embarrassment.

Look around in the hardware store or hardware section of your super-big-store.  Also, look in the office supply store or office supply section of you super- … you get the idea.

This stuff is great for hanging stuff without nails and holes in your wall.  Posters, pictures, those glow-in-the-dark stars for the ceiling of your bedroom (uh … I mean your kids’ room), that butterfly your kid made out of a coffee filter attached to the ceiling with a piece of thread and this sticky stuff, and frames on walls – use a nail or something of course, but a little of this stuff at the bottom keep them straight when I dust them off.

Anyway … back to the growth chart  …

…  stick them to your wall  …

Then, at the beginning of one yardstick, near  “1”,  I wrote the child’s name – First and middle … because that’s the way I roll.

Stand the yardstick on the floor, “1” at the floor of course and stick it on the wall.  Add a second, and third if needed, above the first.

Then, grab some more permanent markers and mark their height and date it.

I like to date  it and put their age on there so I’m not standing there later trying to do the math and figure it out – for myself or them – later on.

It’s OK to do this now, no matter how old your child is.  …  Just grab that baby book and fill it in.

And, if your child is old enough, have him or her do it.

I’m all about delegating and helping my children to grow up to be capable adults.

On the back of each I have written a little thing I started with my son after he was born and said to each of my babies as they fell asleep each night  …  well past their baby-stage  …  actually we say it every night, still.

“Thank you for being my (child’s name).  I like being your mommy.”

Then I signed it … “Love, Mom”.

With the exception of our tiniest one whose been blessed with a daddy that participates in this bedtime routine.  So, on hers we wrote “mommy & daddy”.

One day, the kids decided I should mark my height on their charts, so my height is on there with the date and my name as well.   …  My  hope is that someday, when I’m older and shorter, they will remember when I stood taller and be extra kind and loving to me.

When I moved all the way to Texas, the kids’ growth charts were not lost, left written on a wall.

And, when they are older and want them, they can put them up in their own homes.

When I started this I had three children, one on the way, a home redecorating project to complete and a couple of other major events to concern myself with.  But, you could make good use of your creativity and decorate these … tint them a color, place stickers on there, decoupage magazine or old greeting card cut outs or photos of the child at that age.  So many possibilities!