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Oh my gracious!

I am loving our weather this morning!

I woke up to a wonderfully cool, perfect 63°, with plenty of humidity, and the slightest hint of a breeze!

What a way to start a day!

I immediately opened up the house and reveled in the morning air!

It reminds me of some of my most favorite days in California.

I’m also trying to ignore the fact that our predicted high today is about 10° above the average.

I’m trying not to worry that summer will be here sooner and hotter than average … again.

I just might start to cry.

So   …   I must refocus on how much I love the weather this morning!

And I must do my best to stay in the moment, the winter season, my season of denial.

I will stay here, in my season of denial, as long as I possibly can.

While enjoying this cool, calm weather, and wonderfully relaxing morning (while pretending that the girls are not taking turns jumping off the table behind me with a parasol in hand, pretending to be Mary Poppins) I will continue to enjoy one of my favorite cold weather breakfasts  …  hot cereal!

It’s oh so very yummy.

It’s just warms you up from the inside out on a cold morning.

It’s oh so very good for you.

It’s oh so simple to make.  (I am not a morning person!  …  Not.   …   At all, I tell you.)

And it is oh so very affordable!

I posted about oatmeal before.

Did I mention I like the stuff?

Oh so very much?

I do.

Last time I included raisins and cranberries.

And though I know oatmeal is not a new recipe to you, and I know it comes with directions on the container   …   as you know, I just post what’s on my mind, what I feel like sharing.

Thanks for loving me despite myself.

So   …  this time, I’m talking about our old-time favorite.

Apple Nut Oatmeal

It used to be just apples and cinnamon.

Then recently, Bug suggested adding nuts.

Now, I’ve heard this idea before.  Who hasn’t?

But, crunchy nuts in my oatmeal  …  I just never felt inclined to try it.

But, I want to encourage the kiddos’ interest and enthusiasm for good eating so we gave it a try.

Oh. So. Very. Delicious.

Here it is  … Enjoy!

Apple Nut Oatmeal

Follow the directions on the container for amounts of liquid, oats, and cooking.

Good old-fashioned oats

The old-fashioned stuff, none of the quick cooking kind.


Apples – 1/2 an apple per serving, diced

Walnuts – 1 oz per serving, chopped

Dash of cinnamon per serving


Wheat germ

Using amount shown on the oatmeal container, pour the milk (instead of water) in a pot.  Add the apples, walnuts, and cinnamon.  Again, following the instructions on the container, add the proper amount of oats.  Cook over low heat as directed.  When cooked, stir in some honey, wheat germ, and a bit more milk.

I like the old-fashioned oats best.  None of that quick stuff.  Really, it doesn’t save all that much time and I’m sure there’s something you can do for the few short minutes while it cooks.

I like milk instead of water, gives it a yummy, creamy flavor.

You know what they say … An apple a day …

Walnuts … such a great source of protein.

A dash of Cinnamon with those apples, nuts and oats … it just says Autumn and Winter and Apple Crisp.

Honey, a fantastic super food  …  and, of course, it gives it a little sweetness.

Wheat germ  …  also very good for you.  (And if you have kids, always make sure they, are there to witness the opening of a new jar.  Every time.  It’s vacuum sealed, so the wheat germ at the very top spins around and it makes a great noise.  Open it quickly, the noise is louder and the wheat germ spins faster!  …  We find our fun where we can around here!)