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We are having another Spring-like (or Summer, depending on your perspective or who you’re talking to) day.

And we just love perfect weather like this!

It means open doors and windows on the house!   …   Fresh air and a wonderful breeze at a comfortable temperature.

It means dresses, short sleeves, skirts, and shorts!   …   And it means kiddos coming out of their room wearing what fit them   …   last summer   …   before they spent Autumn and Winter growing.

And I knew that meant lots of mornings of, “Oops, that doesn’t fit anymore.  Go find something that covers … something.”

So, to avoid my frustration of repeating myself and their frustration of repeating the process more times than we wanted to, I completely changed my intended plans for the morning and we did our biannual clothing inventory.

Just as the weather starts to turn cold or warm, the kiddos try on everything in their dressers and closet for the upcoming seasons.

So, today was warm weather clothes – short sleeve shirts, tank tops, dresses, shorts, skirts, shoes, sandals, jammies   …   you get the idea.

When the older two were younger and growing and living at home they would start out on this endeavor strong.

Each item Baby Girl had outgrown suddenly became her most favorite (fill in the blank here) ever.


There was always a moment of grieving  …

… for each and every outgrown, too small item.

Then she would be allowed to choose one or two items to keep even though it was too small, because she just couldn’t part with it.  (At one point she planned to sew pieces of these items together and make a blanket.  I have no idea where all those things went though.)

Then after she picked her chosen few, there would be a moment … or twenty … of grieving again for those that didn’t make the cut.

Sometimes, the two of them would get tired of doing it and I would have to step in and encourage them a bit, turn on some fun music, etc.

Because watching grass grow seemed to go faster.

With Sweet Pea and Bug, there aren’t many sad moments – I think in part because there is always a little sister to pass it on to.  They love the giving and sharing part, and that they will get to enjoy their favorite (fill in the blank here) when they see it on their little sister.

I still need to step in and encourage the process from time to time.  But, not because they grow tired of it, but rather, because they get goofy.   …   At one point, I walked in to see Bug in her underwear proudly proclaiming the ” … Pledge to the Whoville Flag …” which involved sticking her thumb to the end of her nose and wiggling her fingers.

I have no idea.  Please don’t ask me to explain.

I’m just their mother.  …  I don’t know everything.

And despite common belief, it’s not always the mother’s fault, their weirdness.


On second thought   …   what was it that Texas Guy was just telling me?

Uh   …  Never mind.

Meanwhile, the once clean room starts to look like this …

…  and this  …

… and finally *whew* …

… this.

Don’t think for a second that I do all the folding.

I don’t.  It’s their clothes and they are old enough.  Starting young at 3 or 4, they can fold easy stuff – a pair of shorts in half, match socks, etc.  By 5 they can fold it all.

Then we take a count of what each kiddo has.

We want to have at least enough to get through three of four days.  That’s usually enough to get from wash day to wash day with a spare just in case they end up covered in mud or something. It happens.

More often than I realize.

This biannual clothing inventory works great for us.

I then have a list of items each child needs.

When we lived in the city, I could pick up needed items when I happened to be at the store.

Now that we live farther from the city, we try to get everything we need in one trip … and I have my list!

Now … off to try to get something out of the rest of my day.  🙂