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I was looking through some pics I had set aside to share with you here when I discovered a very creepy eeeekie commonality between a number of them.

Since I have moved to this small town in Texas a couple of years ago, I have come across more bugs than in my entire *ahem* first few decade or so of my life!!!

Let me say right now   …   I do not like bugs.

Not at all.

My dislike for bugs is strong and serious.

I cannot express to you enough, how very much I do not (not) like bugs.

Back in California, our most favorite zoo had a bug exhibit.

The kids loved it.

I did not.

At all.


I rarely every went in it.   …   It was dark and cave-like, which just made it worse.   …   Creepy.

I did, however, love the name of the exhibit.

It spoke to me.

It understood me.

I was in complete agreement with that big sign out front.

The few times I did concede to go in, I just kept my eyes straight ahead and tried to ignore all that the children were trying to share with me.   …   I’m not that good of a parent to feign interest in stuff like bugs (or bats … but that’s a story for another time.)

Back to my life here in Texas   …

I love the beauty of the nature that surrounds us here.

It’s when the nature comes into my home that “bugs” me.

(BAHAHAHA!!  …   Just made myself laugh!!  …  Sorry  …   )

(I really want to go back and change that pun so that maybe you won’t realize what a goober I am   …   but, I just can’t make myself do it.  I’m more of a what-you-see-is-what-you-get, not-pretending-to-be-anything-else, sort of goober.    …   Please don’t leave.)

As I’ve mentioned before, … many, … many times in past posts, I do not like these visits the myriad of creatures!

The slugs  … eeeeew!

The scorpions!

A period of infestation by tiny flying ant things!

The snake …

… I took a pic of with my phone and sent it to Texas Guy, asking him – Look what I found by the patio, is it a bad snake? (As if I would consider any of them good.).  He text me back, ending the text with – At least I don’t have to remind you to stay away, not get too close, when you see a snake. LOL …  He’s right, I would be the last person that needed to be reminded of that.  Except for this day, I have no idea what I was thinking, but I was really close trying to get that pic with my little ol’ phone.  And I think I was pregnant at the time.  What was I thinking?!  I blame the placenta-head condition.  Don’t tell Texas Guy.  He would not be happy about that.  Not.

Back to the creepy eeekies …

The red ants here that even the grass wont grow near!

Some weird small black cricket things!

The water bugs!

The spiders!

The …

what is this?!  A grasshopper or something?!  It looks like a dinosaur!

Or maybe this is a grasshopper.


The cicadas that are larger than I think they should be, make a ridiculous amount of noise in our yard, and then shed their outer shell-like things making it look like there’s one sitting there when it’s not, it’s just the discarded outer cover thing, but it still creeeeeeps me out!

The tiny lizards that we see each year that seem to appear most often during a particular season (though I can’t tell you when that season is because I try to live in denial that they even exist).

The darker ones, as time goes on, become large enough to put a saddle on!!

I don’t know what this thing is!!

I had to take another pic of it …

It’s so weird.

As much as these bugs creep me out, we were seeing so many that I just had to start taking pics of them for my family and friends that all live … not in Texas.  There were so many bugs, I was worried they might think I was making it up.

But, I take them from as far away as possible, and then zoom in, and then try to keep my hand still, while f-r-eeeaaaa-king out and hoping and praying that the thing doesn’t move.

If any of them had there would have been LOTS of screaming!!

More me than the bug … probably.

This one wasn’t so bad, though …

… it was like some sort of Dr. Seuss caterpillar.

Our Bug spent an hour on the front porch watching this funny looking caterpillar slowly move along.

But, the rest   …   just   …   just, ICK!!

So, when I see a bug I use the Bug Mug.

We have a couple of these black mugs.

They used to be Texas Guy’s coffee mugs.

They are now the Bug Mugs.

I grab one fast and put it over the bug.

I used to tell Texas Guy when he came home.

But, he’s become so used to it, when he gets home and sees one, he just takes care of it for me.

That’s how I know he loves me.