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I have a friend that came into my life just over two decades ago.

He has had a lasting and positive effect on my life since then.

I do not know where I would be without him.


I do know.

And without him, I would cry.


Meet my friend.


Many moons ago, when my son was just starting to eat solid foods, I started making baby food.

My sister happened to be visiting the day I started.

I had steamed some vegetables and was ready to puree them.

I had somehow acquired two mini chopper thingies.  (Different brands.)

It seemed silly to me to have two.  Especially since I never used them.

But, now I wondered if they would work to make baby food.

So, I figured since my sister was visiting, she could help me out making baby food while at the same time we could see which one worked better.  Then I could give one away, make room in my kitchen cabinets.

First of all, I didn’t know that Black & Decker made kitchen appliances … of any size.

Secondly, it seemed weird to be using a Black & Decker item in my kitchen.

At least, when I wasn’t wearing a tool belt.

The other mini chopper was a well-known kitchen appliance brand name.

I placed my bets on that second one.

Each of us taking a chopper, we proceeded to puree different foods.

The Black & Decker chopper worked much better.

I was surprised.

I gave the other one away.

Some time after that, as I was chopping onions for dinner and crying my eyes out, I wondered if the chopper would work for this terribly unpleasant task.

I do not like onions.

At all.

I sometimes wonder, who in the world first picked one of these things up and decided … even after the terrible smell and tear-inducing reaction … to try eating it.

Was it on a dare?

And I will never understand how they came to the conclusion that it tasted good enough to eat it again.  And again.

However, I put onions in just about every dinner I make.

I do not like to bite into a piece of onion.


And I don’t like the taste of onion on its own.

Again … that had to have been some sort of dare.

The whole onion eating heebes me out!

But, I like to add onions to my meals once they have been properly pulverized.  Completely.  As in, like mush.

I like the flavor it adds.  I just like it to be a subtle, background note.

Not an in your face big oniony “Hello, you are eating onion” taste.


And if it crunches  ….  AAACK!!

I just crawled out of my skin!

Anyway   …   As much as I don’t like the big onion taste or texture, I don’t like the chopping and crying part of it either.

One look at my chopper, imagining all that oniony gas trapped beneath that blessed little lid, while the blade made quick work of the task reducing my time with the offensive vegetable, and the container trapping all the juice that would flavor my food and I was sold!

Look!  It’s a thing of beauty!

It look no time at all.

And there were no tears!

Since that day, I have always used my chopper.

My dear, sweet, beloved chopper.

I can’t imagine life without him.

Now, however, I won’t use it for anything but onions.

Though I wash it in the dishwasher and it doesn’t smell, I will not   …   not   …  risk having any other foods in it.

I can taste the slightest hint of onion.

And who wants onion-flavored chopped walnuts in their brownies?!?!

I wish I had saved that other chopper.