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Busy day!

Laundry going all day.

(The girls will be folding soon.)

Dishwasher running.

The usual cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kiddos.

And I can finally see the bottom of my paperwork!!!  WOOHOO!!!

There is still more to do.  Papers to file.  Files to clean out.  …

More than I can think of.

While eating my lunch, I decided to try to organize all the photos I have for the blog.

My quick lunch break was not nearly enough time.

Especially when I decided to just stop and enjoy the view.

We are probably all very busy.

Life can be like that.

But, some of that busy is our fault.

And life is so fleeting.

We get so wrapped up in the busy and miss what’s most important.

You only get one chance.

You can’t go back and do it differently.

So, ….

remember to take some time to …

stop and enjoy the view.

And by view, I do mean   …

Well, you know exactly what I’m looking at.

I’m just going to sit here and admire it all for a while.