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Still going through papers and stuff.


I’m be glad when I’m done.

I’ll also be thrilled to have cleaned out and organized it all.

Life works better when it’s organized and clutter free!

I came across this note I wanted to save.

I’m thinking I will put these little things together somewhere.

Maybe one for each child.

Or in one whole Momma’s Memories book.

I’m not sure.

But, whatever I finally decide, I’m sure it will then be another project on my To Do list.

Here’s one I thought I’d share with you.

(Sweet Pea was 5-years old.)

Sweet Pea was completing an invitation from a Little Mermaid coloring book she has.

She asked me to write the invite on the inside.

Here is what she dictated:

Come to a Little Mermaid Party on Friday PM

and the time is 11:30

’till you go home.

Don’t forget to bring a piece of cake.

How awesome is that?!

Party planning is so simple and easy when you think like a 5-year old!

And   …

Maybe   …

Life doesn’t need to be as complicated as we sometimes make it.

Maybe we need to just keep it simple.