I can’t believe it’s almost dinnertime and I have yet to visit with you today!!

In my defense, the baby had me up most of the night with a little bit of a fever and a very troublesome runny nose.

I’m tired.

And I haven’t gotten much done.

I did, however, clean off Texas Guy’s desk.

I need to use the scanner/printer.

I need it to be accessible for the girls.  (It was a pile of mess.)

And it was fun to find my missing potholder.  (What in the world?!?!)

What I’m telling you is   …   It was a self-serving effort.

Here’s what I get for my self-serving effort (read: selfish motives)   …

… a clean desk rather than a messy pile to look at in my living room (WOOHOO!!)

… a pile of trash (off to the trash can it went)

… a pile to shred (off it went to the shredder)

… and a pile of   …   stuff for me to take care of   …   a pile to add to my pile that I had finally reached the bottom of.

I’m so glad you can’t see me crying right now.

Anyway, other than justice being served for my selfishness *sob*  *sniff sniff*  the sleepy, fussy baby has required most of my time, and what little is left of my brain and energy, today.

But, I’ve been wanting to share this with you since I woke up this morning (which, ironically, implies I slept last night).

Over the weekend, while juggling a fussy baby (who surprised me today by revealing her first molar – surprised, because it has appeared out-of-order, there are a few others we are still waiting for) I discovered photo editing sites.

Now, I know … I’m sure I’m late to the game here   …   last on the bus   …   the straggler at the end of the line, but, it’s new to me.  So, indulge me in my excitement.

I only had a few moments here and there while holding a fussy baby or feeding a fussy baby.

But, I was able to play around a little.

And here is what I did!

(This is fun stuff, people!!  I’m so glad I’m a busy person, or I might spend hours upon hours playing with photos!)

I created this collage on picnik.com

When you use the site, read the words that appear with the status bar as pages load.

They are fun picnic related things.

It’s the simple things that thrill me.

That and the bright green grass across the top.

Like I said … simple things.

OK, here is the original picture I used for the next few  …

Then I used picnik.com again …

…  to add color, soften the edges, and round the corners.

I’m sure there are technical terms.

But, I had just enough time to do this, not learn new terms.

(And I added way too much color.  She really is the whitey in the original picture.  Even with her fever last night, she didn’t have this much color.   …   But, I had just enough time to play around.  Not to make it perfect.)

Then I stumbled on this tool in Photoshop Express Editor

and immediately fell in love!!

It reminds me of the illustrations in the old children’s books I love to find in used bookstores.

(Don’t even get me started on books, used books, old books, bookstores … and libraries!!   Oh!  Don’t get me started!!)

So, I just had to add this to make it complete …

I am head-over-heels in love with this baby   …   and the world of photo editing!!