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I’ve been thinking over allowances lately.

The process, the purpose, the details.

There are plenty of opinions out there and so much available to read.

First, I thought over what I had tried in the past with the older children and my own experience as a child with allowances.

Secondly, I read a number of articles and reviewed all the varying opinions out there.

Then, I sat down and wrote out why I wanted to give the kiddos an allowances, what I wanted them to gain from it (aside from bubble gum), and how I thought I might best meet these goals.

Once I had it all outlined, it was much easier to figure out what to do.

Then, today, I stumbled across this website: kidnexions.com

It has some great free resources linked along the right hand side.

And , then, I stumbled across this article titled  Motivation Theory Applied to the Allowance/Chore Debate on the kidnexions.com website.

It’s fantastic!!

It explains exactly what I was hoping to do and why   …   but, it is much better written than the notes I scribbled down as I brainstormed   …   and it is explained with the details of a much more intelligent person than I.

I’m so excited to share this with you!!

(Well, those of you with children.   …   If it is just you, I’m not sure you’d find it so helpful.  You might just want to pass it along to someone who does have children.   …   Or, maybe if you have a pet you could give it a try.  I have my doubts, though I’m not a pet person, so I could be wrong.)

By the way, Kidnexions.com has no idea who I am.  I just think this article is fantastic and would love for all parents to know it exists.  And I really like the free resources available!  And, their products seem to have good some value and concepts (though I haven’t tried them, I just read about it on the site).