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I was doing oh so well posting every day this year.  …  That was one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Then the baby was teething, and I got distracted, and things didn’t get done, and I was tired, and then I began preparing for our trip to San Antonio for the 175th anniversary of The Alamo, and in the middle of that I somehow got lost in the world of homeschooling options – methods, curriculum etc. – it’s a vast vast world, the world of homeschooling.  And one could wander for hours – days – weeks – months – in that world!

On the upside   …   The trip to San Antonio was great!  (I’ll have to tell you about it later.)   …  And I have stumbled across a couple of new homeschooling ideas that I am really excited about!

So, Sunday night, I had planned to be back here visiting with you first thing in the morning.

Well, not first thing, and maybe even not in the morning   …   You know how allergic I am to mornings!   …  But, certainly before dinnertime.

Then, first thing Monday morning, I was distracted by this …

Oh my!!

Well, distracted sort of.  I still had all the regular stuff to do around the house, and we made a few dozen of Texas Guy’s favorite cookies because he has been working long weeks and long hours for weeks (months, ok, almost a year), a kiddo to get to soccer practice, and a little stroll through the world of homeschool options again.  But, when I wasn’t busy with all that   …   I was distracted.

Well, and when I didn’t stop by to look at it again in disbelief.

Here’s what it looked like later in the day on the second and third glimpse.

It looked the same on the fourth and fifth glances, too.

I did sit down to write a few times, but you know me, I just write what’s on my mind.

But, does one let the whole world know  about something like this?  When they’re just a few weeks into it?

I sent a picture of it to Texas Guy’s phone right away.

Then we talked and messaged each other a few times.

I thought maybe I’d talk to him about when to tell the world.

Then I found out he had told half the world already!

He bounces back from these things faster than I do.

I like to research, plan, prepare, then execute.

Then follow the carefully researched plan.

Over the last few years, I have learned that that is not always necessary.

Meanwhile, while he was bouncing back quickly and despite all the concerns this type of thing brings to mind, experiencing the joy that it brings,   …

I was looking at this   …

…   for the sixth and seventh time.

In my defense, nine months from now, one of us will be in much more pain than the other.

On a side note   …   I must share with you what led up to my decision to start Monday with a test.  And not a written test.  And I’m not talking about sharing what happened 2 1/2 weeks ago that led up to this either.  *sheesh*

Sunday evening as I went to bed and mentally reviewed what we had done over the weekend and what was ahead this week, I had a feeling I had forgotten to do something.

Which was when I realized something had not yet happened as I had expected it to by Saturday at the latest.   …   Hmmmm.  Curious.

Curious, though not concerning.  I felt fine.  And being a big participator in morning sickness, and an overachiever making it 24 hour sickness, I was certain there was nothing to be concerned about.

I neglected to remember that all that pukeyness wasn’t nearly as bad with baby #5.  So, I fell asleep peacefully and completely unconcerned.

Silly me.

I then spent much of the night dreaming about positive pregnancy tests.

Not freaking out about it.  Just dreaming.

There were lots of them.  All of them different.  The result windows were large.  Displaying positive results in the form of phrases, saying, quotes.  All in different fonts – different styles and colors.  Like a tiny scrapbook page.

And then, my dreams were wrapped up with one final dream   …   my typical pregnancy, and during pregnancy only – at least since childhood, dream.  I’m being chased, my life is in danger, someone is trying to kill me.   …   Lovely.

(I probably shouldn’t share my dreams with the entire world.  You might begin to question how normal I am.   …  Oh …)

So, when I woke and reviewed my dreams for a moment, I knew I had to take a pregnancy test.

Though, for some reason, I still truly expected it to be negative.

It wasn’t.

Wanna see?

Yup, still says “Pregnant”.