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Last night I set out in the kitchen to make a simple dinner.

My plan was to take a couple of cans of basic chicken noodle soup that had somehow ended up in our cabinet and enhance it a little.

I started by cutting up some carrots.

By the time I was done I had made chicken noodle soup from scratch.

The cans of soup are still sitting in the cabinet unopened.

I don’t know how it happened.

I’m a little curious as to what that might say about me.

Though I don’t have time to delve into it.

Maybe you could share your analysis with me.

The soup was delicious!

Filled with chunks of tender, juicy, delicious chicken  …  lots of wide, curly noodles  …  fresh, colorful veggies  … and just enough herbs and seasoning.


Now I feel like I should share the recipe.

Except, I just made it up and didn’t write a single thing down.

I’ll have to recreate it and write it down for you.

But, what I wanted to share with you was the recipe for these breadsticks.

They are simple to make   …  buttery and just a little crispy on the outside  …  nice and light on the inside  …  and so versatile!

They can be flavored as many ways as you can imagine and can  be served with just about anything!

And the name I use for them makes me giggle just a little.   …   It’s the simple things, I tell ya.


Butter Dipped Sticks

1/3 cup butter

2 1/4 cups flour

1 Tbsp sugar

3 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 1/2 tsp salt

1 cup milk

Place the butter in a 13×9 in pan.  Place pan in the oven and preheat to 450°.  Take the pan out as soon as the butter is melted.

Combine all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder, salt) in a bowl.

I love using a whisk to combine dry ingredients.

Add the milk and gently stir with a fork just until the dough holds together.  Place the dough on a floured surface.  Sprinkle just a little flour on top and knead gently about 10 times.

Roll the dough into a 12×6-in rectangle, about a 1/2-in thick.  Using a pizza cutter or a knife dipped in flour or one of these things …

… it’s a food scraper or something.  I don’t know what it’s called.  My mom bought it for me years ago and it’s so handy.

… and cut the dough in half lengthwise.

(As in long ways down the length of the rectangle, as in parallel to the long sides of the rectangle, as in here’s the chance to use what you learned in high school geometry  … sort of … not really.)

Then, cut across into 16 strips.  You’ll have 32 total.

(As in 16 on one side of your lengthwise-cut-rectangle and 16 on the other, as in 16 + 16 = 32, as in here’s a chance to use your elementary school addition   …   this time I’m certain.)

Taking one strip at a time, place it in the pan with melted butter, flip it over so there is butter on both sides, and move it to one end of the pan.  Repeat with the other strips – quickly, because they will begin to puff up a bit once in the butter – laying them close together, like right next to each other if need be.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown.

Now for the fun stuff …

Mix it up by adding ingredients   …   For serving with the soup, I made them garlicky.

Garlicky – add a couple of minced cloves along with the butter, then place it in the oven to melt.

Garlic and Herb – add minced garlic, Italian herbs and the butter, place it in the oven and let the flavors mingle while it melts!

Parm it – follow the Garlicky or the Garlic and Herb and then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese as soon as it comes out of the oven.

Cheesy – add some grated cheese to the dough (in the dry ingredients before adding the milk)

Mmmm … the possibilities are endless!