One year ago today   …   unsure of what I was doing, unfamiliar with what a blog was, and uncertain as to why so many people had been suggesting I do one   …   I started this blog with my first post – Signs of Spring.

I began just writing what was on my mind and what I wanted to share with my friends and family.

Over the year, I have enjoyed having a place to write, share, and visit.

I love reading your comments, feedback, and stories.

It’s even fun to see how many stars and votes each post gets.

And, then the surprise of meeting new people who have stumbled across the blog and left comments – so much fun!

You are all awesome!!

So, to celebrate the 1 year birthday of this little blog, I have chosen a new look for it.

I can’t seem to decide which background color I like – green or brown.  So, if you come to visit and it seems to be ever-changing, you’ll know why.

But, I hope you like it!

Happy birthday, Blog!!

We have had a fun year spending it with you, our awesome readers!